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Wives in Waiting understand that being a wife is an assignment not to be taken lightly!

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Are you dealing with pain or rejection from a previous broken relationship?! 
Are you dealing with the residual effects of an unfaithful spouse or boyfriend?!
Are you struggling with confidence and self-esteem?!

Marriage is working from the same set of blueprints! 

It's time for you to GET A REAL VISION  for your marriage!
Are you ready to learn how to forgive and MOVE ON?!
Are you ready to DIVORCE PROOF your marriage?!
Are you ready to build a LASTING RELATIONSHIP (even before you are in one)?!

Let me teach you how to focus on breaking through the roadblocks that have kept you from having successful relationships or a healthy marriage.


Let me help you release the negative and limiting beliefs that you are not enough.


Let me help you uncover those things that are causing you to miss the mark in your personal growth and development.


I CAN GIVE YOU the clarity and confidence to be the woman of favor God called you to be as a wife, mother, businesswoman ... and much more!

Transform your heart, your mind, and ultimately your life!

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The marriage that you dream of IS POSSIBLE for you!


First and foremost, Wives in Waiting™ is a powerful community of women (married, single, divorced, and widowed) whose desire is to be the WOMAN and WIFE that God called them to be!


The Wives in Waiting™ 6-Month Bootcamp will prepare you, equip you, and position you so that when you are found by the man God has designed for you.. you will be financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally READY to be a profit and prophet to your husband!

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A 6-Month Bootcamp


(Regularly $12,500)

Limited Space Available

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