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Often women are heard expressing their desires to be married or to have a husband. Rarely have I heard a woman say that she wants to be a WIFE!


Being married and being a wife are two, completely different things. However, soon after the wedding, we find ourselves lacking the knowledge of what it means to be a wife. We struggle with who we are as married women, as a wife, as a mother and as a daughter.


Society tells us that we should be independent, but how does that work when living out the Word of God as a wife? Without losing ourselves, we are expected to strike the perfect balance. If we are not careful, we can become critical of our husbands and ourselves. It becomes easy to complain and want to give up. We forget what our purpose as a wife.


This book will give you revelation to what it means to be a wife and it will help you strike that balance you are looking for. Being a wife is an assignment that many wives, including myself, were not ready for prior to marriage. Some of us are still learning, and this book will help you and your marriage grow to what God intended it to be. Your marriage will flourish and your husband will profit!

"A Profit to Her Husband" by Dr. Melinda Harper

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