What people are saying 

Dr. Harper,

You did a most excellent work with singles (Wives in Waiting)!
You covered so much with singles, a refreshing/update never hurts - but only as God allows .

So, when / if the Lord directs you to singles again, I look forward to it! Just keep being obedient and following the Spirit! God has so many wonderful things in store for you!


- J. Johnson, GA


Since God has allowed me to become apart of Dr. Melinda Harper's teachings on marriage, I've grown within my own marriage. How can you teach if you haven't been in God's counseling your own self. She has opened my eyes to the truth. The best book she has, is her own walk with God in her own marriage. I've felt like she has before, but she stuck in there. I pray for my wife, and I will continue to follow Dr. Melinda Harper's teachings.


-Derrick J., New Orleans

Dr. Melinda, just wanted to say a thank you for obeying God to talk to me about my marriage because it allowed Holy Spirit to stir up my Pure Mind toward God about my marriage.

-A. Matthews, AR

You've taught me how to think, act and to carry myself as a wife. Your scopes of helping your husband throughout his surgery really hit home for me and, opened my eyes to the reality that a marriage is not always easy. Being married requires a great deal of compromise, commitment and work from both spouses in the good times and the bad. Thank you so much for your Transparency, your Teachings and your Honesty ❤


- S. Cayetano,