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      The way the Lord has sculpted me throughout this journey, and it cannot be undone. I say this because everything I tried to control or fix in my own way, never completely worked out. I refuse to go back to my way of doing things. I have learned to allow the Holy Spirit to rule over my mind and my marriage because He knows the formulas that make the chemistry of our matrimony harmony. From the smallest suggestion, such as “Tell your husband you’re proud of him,” to more serious ones like, “Pray for your husband in this season of temptation.” He knows the how, when, where, why, and to what extent. He (God) needs a strong woman who can stand up when reality comes calling.


     Now, I totally and completely trust the Lord with my relationship, and with my husband because everything He has taught me to do, has strengthened, healed, blessed...and spiced up our relationship beyond what I ever thought to be possible! Yes, we already know each other intimately; however, we no longer feel naked and ashamed in each other’s sight. It is my prayer that you will fully accept your assignment as a wife, and learn to love your husband unconditionally, and as a result, reap all the wonderful benefits of marriage that God intended. No matter what stage you are in, in your marriage, you can become the wife God intended you to be! 


Are you ready to be a wife? 




   -Dr. Melinda Harper